We reboot your legacy project starting a resolution process

What is it for?

Architectural clash helps teams identify and remove roadblocks that prevent the evolution of a software project, where legacy code is an obstacle to achieving new business goals.

How does it work?

It’s two days of hands-on work, where we facilitate collaboration between a client’s technical and management team and one of our expert teams. Together we define and launch a series of experiments that, with business goals in mind, are aimed at understanding how to remove technological impediments in the current code base.


Analyzing the result of the experiments, we define an action plan that allows to remove the roadblocks in the shortest time possible and enable the business of our clients.

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Why architectural clash is valuable in our clients' projects

Learn how this workshop contributes to technology solution design, why we do it and what it enables.

Projects stuck or evolving with difficulty?

We define useful activities and roadmaps to break the impasse.