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Edison Energia: promoting the brand using web, mobile and social media

edison energia

Long-term collaboration with Edison, for whom we have worked on projects aimed at engaging their audience with values and initiatives that promote the brand.

Edison – Change the music: the first music project with a low environmental impact

edison change the music
the renewed website for the contest

Edison – change the music is a musical project launched to develop a culture of sustainability and energy saving in music. Over time, it has become a true movement that involves artists, promoters, record labels, musicians, music lovers and the general public.

The positive experience of past editions of the “Edison Change the Music” project led Edison to follow the innovative path of the community and renew its website for the 2010 edition with the use and integration of social networks. Following the perspective of sharing, Edison embraced the logic of the social web and opened up to a comparison with “the Italian music scene”, welcoming emerging bands. This was the starting point for the strategic project that led to the development of a site to give visibility and opportunities to new musical talents in Italy, encouraging feedback from users.

The company needed a fresh, clean image that would give prominence to the different types of content as well as a flexible graphic design: the project started immediately in agile mode with the drafting of the user stories in which all the features and functions of the new website were identified, and has been prolifically developed with incremental public releases at the end of each iteration. The new site guarantees a very fluid use of the content and gives ample space to the contest, which is the ‘beating heart’ of the project: an area that contains a list of all the participating groups with the possibility of listening to streaming audio of the songs competing in the contest.

The content management system is based on Drupal, written in open language (php) and with an open source licence, optimised to run on Apache web servers, it is modular and allows integration with dedicated applications, already prepared for indexing on search engines (talking urls, standard code). The system manages several types of users who can administer certain categories and content in a granular manner.

Edison generation project

edison generation

For Edison, social responsibility is a long-standing tradition and a strategic element of its business model: for this reason, it believes that it is essential to communicate with and listen to its stakeholders with the utmost openness and interest. Edison immediately realized that the web is a privileged venue for the dissemination of a new culture of sustainability and that social media, in particular, represent an ideal venue for the development of new ideas, debates and discussions. This is why the “Edison Generation” community was created to collect people’s opinions, understand what their dreams are and how they can change the present.

The project is dedicated to all generations that want to change their present, improve the quality of their lives, their human relationships and the environment in which they live. By its very nature, corporate social responsibility presupposes the involvement of a broad public, from all over the world, with different cultures and ideas, both inside and outside the company, and not only consisting of sector specialists, financial analysts or journalists.

We helped Edison conceive and design the Edison Generation community, which was created to provide an up-close and real-time account of the company’s main social responsibility initiatives, focusing on issues such as the environment, energy conservation, biodiversity, social commitment and human rights. The new site guarantees a very fluid use of the contents and gives ample space to the blog, which is the “beating heart” of the project.

It is a space open to everyone and has been created to engage in dialogue, receive suggestions and stimulate active participation. The community also has an area dedicated to the main social networks (facebook, twitter, flickr and youtube) to follow news in real time, exchange new ideas and share experiences.

The youtube brand channel

edison channel youtube

We have customised the YouTube channel for Edison.

The home of the brand channel highlights one of the videos in which Martin Leandro Castrogiovanni, the prop of the Italian national rugby team, is the protagonist. On the occasion of the London Olympics, Edison pays particular attention to sport, a theme closely related to the values of which it is a spokesman, and does so by adopting an unconventional communication strategy.

The video carousel has been designed so that Edison can choose the selection of videos to be shown to users. In addition, by selecting one of the four categories – energy, music, sport, sustainability – the highlighted video and the carousel are contextualised with respect to the chosen theme.

The brand channel also gives space to other social media and to the dialogue with users, displaying the lifestreaming of Facebook and Twitter pages.

The interface is developed in HTML and JavaScript; in order to manage the implementation in the best possible way, we followed the guidelines provided by Google and consulted directly with their experts. The scripts are in php.

Edison radio app

edison radio

Among the initiatives of Edison – change the music, the music contests dedicated to emerging bands have been very successful: the Edison Radio app was designed and developed to coincide with the fifth edition.

With Edison Radio, users can listen to the songs of the bands entered in the current contest and the two previous editions. They can express their preferences, listen to the radio by choosing among the proposed genres – Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop, Ethno-Pop, Reggae, Electronic, Hip hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Black – and get information about the bands (biography, awards, social networks).

Periodically, the app is updated with interesting news for users: for example, they can earn badges that allow them to win prizes.