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Tozzi Green: evolving software to support core business

tozzi green

Tozzi Green is a company specialized in solutions, services and projects for the development of plants and the generation of energy from renewable sources. Active in Italy and abroad, it fully and horizontally integrates the entire supply chain:

  • Development
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Operation & Maintenance.

One of the Operation & Maintenance key activities is the plants monitoring in Italy and around the world: for this reason, a few years ago Tozzi Green created an internal software dedicated to monitoring, finding some critical issues on core functionality that could not be solved internally.
This was the main reason that led them to contact us.

Understanding the current state to make decisions: our assessment

The first step with which we started working for Tozzi Green was an assessment of the state of this software.

One of the hypotheses, proposed by the customer to solve the problem, was to redo the whole monitoring system from scratch: thanks to the assessment activity we clarified that we could actually intervene in the current software, releasing value in a short time.

We produced a technical analysis document, in which we described the problems encountered and the applicable solutions to achieve the agreed objectives.

Grant value in each iteration

In order to deliver solutions to the identified problems at an early stage, we agreed on weekly iterations in which we defined the features to be developed together with the customer and completed them.

To better organise ourselves, we introduced some remote meetings:

  • daily standups, where we communicated what we had worked on the previous day, what we would do today and roadblocks to discuss together;
  • iteration reviews, where we check together the developed features;
  • planning, in which we decide on the features to be developed during the week.

Once the iteration is finished and approved, we move on to the next one: in this way the process is repeated over time and the client – week after week – has seen features and value released into the project in a continuous, smooth way.

Specifically, we spent the first few iterations learning more about the domain, creating a quick and easy-to-use deployment system to ensure continuous deployment and continuous integration in a consistent, worry-free manner.
In subsequent iterations, we focused on the most important business problem, which was solved within a few weeks and the features were released into production.
Initially, we thought that the project would come to an end once this part was fixed. In fact, we continued to work together by making iterations – bi-weekly instead of weekly – to give time to organise and test the various functionalities: we focused on optimising the processes, which we transformed from manual to automatic, improving the controls on ‘sensitive’ business data.

Evolving the Tozzi Green software ecosystem

The client involved us in other activities to evaluate the evolution of its software.

For the technological infrastructure, we proposed a new model no longer based on physical servers in the company, but using Amazon Web Services to guarantee efficiency, stability and a reduced maintenance cost.
In less than a year, we upgraded the PHP version of the software from 5.4 to 7.3 (we will soon upgrade to 7.4). This continuous update has improved the performance of the software and its security.

In addition, for another application, we were involved to clarify and understand how to solve some critical issues: through an EventStorming session we defined the main problems and indicated a possible budget and implementation path. Our consulting contribution gave the client ideas on how to approach the problem, analyzing it together with stakeholders and users.

In general, the approach to defining and implementing activities that we brought to the client transformed the modus operandi with which to approach the project. One example above all: from a focus on estimates to a focus on the value released in the iteration.
This transformation enabled a more effective release of functionality, establishing a relationship of trust that enriched the project even more, enabling solutions and approaches aimed at continuous improvement.

The Flowing team supported our company in improving an internally developed software that was needed to simultaneously monitor the performance of a number of power plants powered by different renewable sources. Thanks to Flowing’s expertise, we were able to obtain a product that suited our needs and complied with the latest software design standards. The approach to work is precise and orderly and absolutely transparent, so we have been able to learn some techniques that have increased the level of company know-how.

Andrea Baruzzi, Head of O&M and Asset Management


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