Develop the solution to achieve client and users goals


We realize software projects related to the core business of our clients, choosing the technology useful to achieve the goals of the project.
We develop mobile and web solutions: we can take care of all the technologies involved.
We are experts in best practices such as Testing and Continuous Delivery and we help our clients to make technological decisions related to their business goals.

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Frontend development


We develop frontend applications to make software projects usable by users.
We create single page applications using the most widely used frameworks in the frontend landscape. Together with our designers, we cocreate the design system and develop the related components with the most convenient technology for the context.

Our techniques

React, Angular, Vue, Frameworkless

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Backend development


We design the best technology solution by extracting non-functional requirements from the client’s context to guide our teams choices in the right direction.
We work primarily in PHP, Node.js and Java to develop APIs that map to complex domains. We are deeply familiar with microservice and event-driven architectures.

Our techniques

Symfony, Spring, Nest.js, Domain-Driven Design, CQRS-ES

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Mobile development


We build mobile applications for Android and iOS. We choose of cross-platform frameworks or native solutions keeping in balance user needs and time and budget constraints of our clients.

Our techniques

Kotlin, Swift, React-native, Flutter

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We effectively work on restructuring and refactoring legacy applications.
Through our Architectural clash workshop, we analyze existing code base issues to come up with refactoring plans that improve their quality and enable greater traction towards business goals. Reducing technical debt and impacting the speed of application delivery as little as possible.

Our techniques

StranglerFigApplication, Domain-Driven Design, Mikado Method

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Technology decision consulting


We help CTOs and team leaders make informed technology decisions. Thanks to our seniority in approaching complex problems and contexts, we support all the critical phases of a software project, with the help of customized exercises and workshops.
We analyze the business context of our clients and from this we define the most appropriate principles to guide technology choices, such as languages, frameworks and high-level architectural choices.

Our techniques

Cynefin framework, SWOT analysis, Trade-off sliders, Skill matrix

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