We design the solution and the roadmap to achieve the project goals

What is it for?

Discovery is a work session to start the project (or a new phase of it) and make the right decisions: it allows to align the software to be implemented with the project goals and the users’ expectations.

How does it work?

Together with the client’s team we explore the vision, the business goals, the users’ needs and the scenarios in which the project is placed.
Then we converge and define the functionalities to be implemented that best fit what emerged.


Through this workshop, we bring clarity and alignment on the software project to be implemented, suitable to achieve the goals: we co-create the technological solution including all the necessary skills (domain, strategic, technological).
We define the implementations to be made and any aspects to be validated with users.
We provide a summary report of the workshop in which we give an indication of the project estimate (time and costs).

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Why discovery is valuable in our clients' projects

Learn how this workshop contributes to technology solution design, why we do it and what it enables.

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