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We use the Money back contract mode to take the first step in developing trust with clients, confident in the effectiveness we can bring.

The project is a challenge that we accepted together the client: by organizing it in short iterations, we deliver value right away.

How does it work?

Following the discovery workshop – or a software renovation sprint, an infrastructure assessment or architectural clash – we organize the work to be done in weekly or bi-weekly iterations. At the end of each iteration, we hold a remote meeting with the client to review the functionalities we implemented.
In this meeting the client decides whether to accept the work done – to move on to the next iteration of work – or reject it, in which case the project proceeds by repeating the iteration and the client is not charged any cost.

What advantages does it provide?

The client has constant decision-making power over the project, instead of being tied to initial choices that can “force” him into an outdated application scenario. The roadmap decided at the beginning can be changed based on new needs or requests.

At each iteration the client:

  • has in hand, in case of acceptance, a working and usable version of the software;
  • can decide to change the priority of the functionalities of the following iterations;
  • is able to decide to add or to remove the functionalities initially previewed;
  • is able to decide if to interrupt the project, without the need to realize further functionalities initially previewed, because not more necessary. In this case the client will be charged the price (established at the beginning) of the only iterations realized.
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