Flowing and the client work together, we are one team making shared choices.


Value Driven

Choices are based on evidence and concrete results. We identify the goals and then think about project features.



Change is our friend, we free the project from constraints and assumptions no longer valid over time.



We release value from the first step, to gather feedback and make decisions in real time.


Let's start your project together, in the right direction

our flow avvio progetto

Want to realize an important project?


to design the solution and the roadmap to achieve the project goals

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Is it time to renovate your software product?

Software renovation sprint

to realign your product with user and business needs

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Is your legacy software stuck or don't know how to proceed?

Architectural clash

to reboot your legacy project starting a resolution process

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Want to improve the performance of your IT infrastructure?

Infrastructure assessment

to enhance the levels of service and performance of your IT infrastructure

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Let's build a Win-Win collaboration

our flow collaborazione

How does the collaboration with our clients continue?

Money back contract and iterative development

our way, contractual and operational, to build healthy relationships with our clients

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Do you agree with our principles and ways of working?

They are the foundations on which we'll build a successful collaboration: choose us to realize your project.