We renovate your product aligning it with user and business needs

What is it for?

Software renovation sprint is a format that helps to redesign an existing software product, no longer aligned with the needs of the business and users, exploiting – if appropriate – also new enabling technologies.

How does it work?

Software renovation sprint involves three moments, in which:

  • we collect qualitative and quantitative data on users, business and some technical aspects of the product, to get information on the current scenario;
  • we guide the creation of the new product concept, putting on the same table who will develop it, the client side management and our team of experts, with the aim of sharing useful information to define the goals of the redesign and the new concept;
  • we create a prototype and a roadmap, useful to implement the product evolutions.


Through this format, we bring clarity and alignment on the evolutions needed by users and business.

We define a redesign proposal complete with a prototype adapted to the context, which directs the vision of the product in the medium term, and a roadmap ready to guide the team to evolve the product immediately and in small steps.

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Why software renovation sprint is valuable in our clients' projects

Learn how this format contributes to the design of the product to be renewed, why we do it and what it enables.

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