Decision-making for Software Development Teams: interview by LeadDev

‘You have arrived at the home of engineering leadership’: that’s what you read when you land on the LeadDev home page, a community that hosts conferences and meetings around the world and also provides a range of really useful contents, from video lectures and roundtables to thought leadership papers.

That’s why we are particularly proud to publish this interview with Francesco Strazzullo, done by LeadDev as part of its Bookmarked column, dedicated to book authors that speak to the tech leads. In the interview Francesco presents his book “Decision-making for Software Development Teams” published by Avascoperta.

Among the topics covered:

  • how the idea of writing a book on decision-making for developers came about, and how it relates to his first book “Frameworkless Front-end Development“;
  • why it is important to have shared decision-making processes, collaborative and visual as possible in the team, even when it comes to purely technological choices;
  • why decision making is important for developers, which aspects they have to consider and which are most frequently difficult.